Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grossology Development

For a brief stint, between projects, I worked on some development for Nelvana in 2004. This show is now in production. The character designs, they went with, are amazing, I'm not so impressed with the locations. I think the world could've been a lot richer given the proper background design. Most productions believe that locations don't really matter. I guess that's why Hollywood scours the globe and spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on just the right setting for a movie,......but in cartoons, it doesn't really matter!?? Oh well.

Here is the lineup I designed. This is Lab Rat's pet rat. Lab Rat is in charge of analysis and information gathering using the Grossology computer and lab.

This is the exterior of Ringworm Junior Highschool. Ty and Abby, the main characters, are students here by day and Grossology operatives after school.

Here we have the Grossotorium. It houses a holographic imaging device and a large library of gross things. Just what every kid needs.

This is the secret tunnel underground for the secret Grossology complex. This is how they would access the Grossology Lab and Grossotorium.

Here's several versions of the Grossology Lab and computer. For the last version, I was asked to add things around the room to create an environment that looked as if a kid would hang out here.

This is a version of Ty's bedroom at home. I didn't get to Abby's room. I did a drawing for ther house which was a typical suburban street.

I really was involved in developing this concept because I was not sure of the premise of the show and thought that it would need strong characters and good stories to make it interesting. I had even thought of characteristics for Ty, Abby and Lab Rat. I also came up with an idea to separate their secret life with their regular daily life. Nothing I did made it to the series, felt like a complete waste of my time and energy. It's too bad.


Franfou said...

Bonjour Brad, Very cool stuff here !
great talent for sure...

I would like to talk to you, I have freelance work for you. Please send me an email !

Thank you so much


David Lafleche said...

When are they going to release this entire series on DVD? I love it!!! As for your lament that your ideas didn't make it into the show...well, that's TV for ya. As any creative person knows, the only way to guarantee that a project comes out the way you want is to do it yourself. I have an idea for a show, and I would NEVER relinquish my rights to it. I would insist on absolute, dictatorial control!