Monday, June 08, 2009

Monstroville Project

Here's a clean location design I recently finished for a side project called Monstroville. It's being done by O Neal Pignani (A.K.A. Viktor Von Kreep) and host of other talented people. You can check out the blog.... Monstroville !

There will be more to come in the next few months. It gives me a chance to get back to a more graphic style of design.


Exit said...

Hi Brad.

I'm an animation student at Kingston University and I'd really like to ask you some questions about your work on Clone High and Total Drama Island. I'm writing an essay about character and background design in contemporary animation and I'd really love your input. Would it be okay for me to ask for your e-mail so I could send you some questions?

Bradford I. Graham said...

Join GTA and PM me. My name on the site is BiG.....That's a big B, little i and a big G. That's the best I can do.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Dude! Nice freakin' work man... Again! What a dick...I mean jesus..any decent guy would occasionally do something crappy so the rest of us could loosen the clothes line and come down from the wobbly stool. Nice stuff, Brad. Looks like it's gonna be a cool show. Good luck with it man.

Talk to ya,, sorry about the deletion....turns out I can't spell to save my life.